Why Trade Forex?

About The Forex Trading System and Market

Why Trade Forex?

The transformation of the world economy into a global dimension and the dawn of technological advancement create unprecedented opportunities particularly with the emergence of new markets with considerable growth potential. This scenario likewise underscores the fact that up-to-date information in this modern age is a valuable commodity made possible by breakthroughs in information technology. Now world events are digested in a matter of seconds providing the backbone for vital investment decision making. Among the most dynamic of the markets which is highly sensitive to political and economic changes is the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX).

Whether we like it or not, radical changes in foreign exchange rates affect an individual's or institution's overall investment portfolio. If your holdings are all in US Dollars, you have chosen to hold the dollar and give up other major currencies. Indirectly, this makes you a currency investor. By investing in, and with, the US currency, then your portfolio becomes dependent on the integrity and value of the US Dollar. Without realizing it, this may have worked against you due to the decline of the value of the US Dollar against other major currencies.

The FOREX market provides the investor a valuable tool in managing the effects of the foreign exchange risk by taking advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates. It is a means by which one can readily access this global market 24 hours a day and be able to hedge his/her outstanding US Dollar-based holdings. In a time when the speed of business increases on a daily basis, you need the ability to react swiftly. This change has created a condition that may leave investors out of the game without being aware of lost opportunities or erosion in their capital assets.