Gold Glossary

Gold Glossary

Trading Platform

Customer can login to One Asia Capital’s trading platform to trade after opening an account successfully.

Sold Price

Current market price for sell

Market Order

To trade at the prevailing market price. Market order only can be executed when the price is in an executable range. If the market price fluctuates sharply and is out of range, market order will fail to be executed.

Limited Order

Customer can set a lower price or a higher price, if the market price reached the set price, limited order will be executed.

Automatic replacement

To set a limited order and a stop order in the same direction. When one order is executed, the other one will be cancelled automatically.

Position/Unsettled Position

To hold a position after opening without buying or selling the same lot against it.

Locking Position

To open two or more positions of the same product in different directions.

Minimum Margin Rate

When in open position, margin may decrease because of the floating loss. Margin rate shall not be less than 50% of the Basic Margin Requirement set by One Asia Capital.

Necessary Margin

The guaranteed amount that meets the requirement of the initial margin when there is any position in the trading account.

Loco London Gold

Loco London Gold is quoted in US Dollar. Under normal market status the spread for it is USD0.5, but in some condition, such as during 911, the spread might enlarge to more than USD1. Loco London Gold is measured in ounce. Contract size is 100 ounces per lot. The fineness is 995. Hong Kong’s Loco London Gold market is an open spot market.

Bought Price

Current market price for buy.


The balance between sold price and bought price. Under normal market status, the spread for Spot Gold trading is US $0.5, but it may be different because of market fluctuation.

Executable Range

Customer can set the executable range on trading platform. For example, executable range is set to be USD0.5. Settlement can be done when the price gap between closing price and quotation is within USD0.5. However, if the closing price is beyond USD0.5, the transaction is invalid.

Stop order

Customer can set a lower price or a higher price, if the market price reaches the set price, stop order will be executed.

Open Position

Buying or selling a certain lot of product.


To buy or sell the same lot against the current open position.


The guaranteed amount that needs to open an position.

Force settlement

When the market continues to move against customer's positions and customer's effective margin is less than the set risk-controlled line of the Day-Trade Margin Requirement of One Asia Capital, customer's positions will be settled in whole or in part by One Asia Capital at One Asia Capital's absolute discretion without any prior notice.

Usable Margin

Effective amount in the account that can be used to trade, i.e. usable margin equals to balance plus any floating profit or minus any floating loss and then minus the used margin.