Redundancy Solutions

Redundancy Solutions

One Asia Capital has a zero downtime policy. We cannot afford any downtime and need to have redundancy solutions at all stages to ensure 100% uptime.

Customer Service / Operations Desk

Trading markets are open 24 hours a day. If we are to support your trades, so should we. We operate from multiple offices around the world, to ensure that we are awake during your prime trading hours.

Web Services/Online Resources

Each datacenter operates on load balance mechanism with failover capabilities to take over when ever needed, should one you are accessing fail.

All datacenters are tapping onto the Equinix Global DataCenter and Hurricane Electric Network.

Liquidity Providers

All our liquidity providers are constantly streamed via our bridge monitoring solutions and each order is cleared as per the ruleset at that time of the day. Should any LP be non-functional within 15 seconds, they are immediately replaced by another LP, which is down the pecking order, relevant for that time of the day.

All our Liquidity providers are within the same datacenter as our servers, with each of them with a direct optical fibre connection right to their servers as well, ensuring minimal latency and split second order executions.

In case of a datacenter failure or Sub Oceanic cable connection disruption, the entire solution deployed will switch over to the backup server farm setup in London, UK. Entire duration from point of failover realization in NY to initialization and complete resumption of trade flows via London servers 3.12 seconds.

MT4 Zonal Failover and Bandwidth Optimization

Wherever there is a strong local base of clients in a country, One Asia Capital will setup a local MT4 datacenter solution which will isolate all data flow to that particular local server, and only send trade flows back to the master server.

  • Improves speed of logging and charting access for the clients
  • Reduces load on the master server, keeping it for trade entries only
  • Improves trade execution on master server as slave datacenter servers process all the less sensitive processes
  • Should there be an overload or failure in one datacenter solution, say in Australia, clients in Singapore are totally not affected as they are connecting via the Singapore datacenter.

This always ensures maximum productivity and effectiveness of clearance of orders.