One Asia Capital aggregates liquidity through its various partners and liquidity providers, "centralising" them into one pool. We obtain liquidity from over 120 liquidity providers, over 4 aggregators, resulting in a massive depth of liquidity available at all times. These include banks, funds, portals and Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs). This way, the orders can be matched in parallel and don't suffer from "last look" obsolete values, which then result in requotes as the order cannot be cleared at the same price offered before, especially during volatile, fast moving market conditions.

One Asia Capital has numerous liquidity providers and order books that it aggregates orders from. To make distribution of orders and "order matching" far more efficient, the various pools of liquidity are categorised on a combination of conditions and complex algorithms based on market conditions, trading parameters and variables.

For example, the pools may be categorised by;

  • Average Volume of Order size
  • Cost of Order Clearance
  • Liquidity at time of day
  • Settlement framework with liquidity providers

At times, it could be a combination of conditional rule sets to ensure the most efficient and cost effective way of clearing your order.

During liquid market conditions, we have ready access of approximately 15 levels of such pools of market depth for clearing your orders.

Try us once to clear your orders and you will experience the difference. It is just different at
One Asia Capital Liquidity Edge.

The One Asia Capital liquidity pool allows you to:

Open Aggregation Order Book Fills

With every single order under our clearance engine transparent and categorically routed for the best matching conditions, almost every order is matched, instantaneously. This also ensures that no other liquidity provider has an unfair advantage in pricing or clearing their orders and we are never subjected to erratic/inefficient demands. We are statistically able to clear 95% of our orders with no requotes!

Best Spreads and Quickest Fills

With our innovative order clearance engine and continued expansion of diverse and multi-liquidity/instrument based providers, we are able to attract more liquidity providers to work with us. This engages a healthy organic growing cycle where more providers coming together to clear their orders also provide more liquidity to match their orders. Our performance page shows that more than 90% of our orders are cleared within 15ms and we strive to clear more orders, quicker!

True Market Prices – No broker intervention!

As all the prices are set by traders just like yourselves on the other end, this is a true perfectly efficient trading environment encouraging free market movements and we simply "match" your order, clearing them via our exchange. Therefore, there is no manipulation or broker intervention possible. This is a level playing ground where all orders are treated the same

Smart Order Routing "SOR"

Your order isn't just a piece of contract to be cleared with a price and a contract size. It also comes with its "behavioural habits", according to pre-defined order rules, such as frequency of trades, order adjustments, partial order closes etc. These additional "habits" allow us to intelligently clear the orders via the best channels which also accommodate such "habits".

As such, we do not just worry about the initial acceptance; we follow through the entire life cycle of the order based on your trading behaviour, for a superior experience from start to finish.

Large Orders? No Problem

As fund managers ourselves, we need to open large orders to hedge multiple smaller positions or clear large positions over a long term positional trade, so we know the absolute necessity of clearing bulk orders, seamlessly.

Again, using our SOR and algorithm based order clearance engine, we are always able to keep a tab on the "Maximum Threshold Range" (MTR). This allows us to know how big an order we can clear at any one time. Should your order surpass our range, our clearance engine distributes your order into sizes "most effectively" cleared and maintains a trail of them over its entire life cycle.

This also provides anonymity amongst our various liquidity providers as no single large order is cleared over 1 provider. More and more fund houses and managers prefer our clearance services for this very reason!