1. Are my funds safe with you?

At One Asia Capital we regard the security of our clients’ funds as paramount. This is why we ensure that all client funds are deposited in segregated accounts at leading investment grade global banks.

2. Is it possible to lose more money than I deposited?

One Asia Capital offers negative balance protection, ensuring that a client's balance never falls below zero, thus protecting them from any losses beyond their original investment at One Asia Capital’s cost. One Asia Capital automatically begins closing all open positions when margin hits a critically low level (10% for MT4).

3. Are your platforms Mac compatible?

Unfortunately One Asia Capital does not currently support any downloadable trading platforms that are Mac compatible.

4. Why do you quote your prices to 5 digits?

We quote our prices to 5 digits in the interests of accuracy. Fractional pips make it far easier for us to tighten our spreads, whereas brokers who only quote to 4 decimal places can only move their spreads by a whole pips at a time. In this way, the prices we offer our clients can be more competitive because these fractional pip differences can add up to substantial amounts over time.

5. Do you allow the use of trading algorithms on your platforms?

Algorithmic traders are welcome on our main trading platform. Expert Advisors are fully compatible with our One Asia Capital MT4 terminal. One Asia Capital’s EA Library offers a growing number of back-tested, optimised and ready-to-trade strategies. When developing your own EAs using One Asia Capital Quant, or using EAs from third parties, please be aware that they must be optimised to take into account that One Asia Capital quotes most of its currency pairs to 5 digits. Please note that even though we encourage the use of automated trading strategies, One Asia Capital does not currently offer customer support for them, clients are permitted to employ them at their own discretion and at their own risks.

6. What spreads do you offer?

One Asia Capital offers competitive spreads on both all the currency pairs and commodities it offers. Spreads vary depending on the prevailing market conditions.

7. Does slippage occur on your platform?

Slippage is an unavoidable part of trading, it occurs at times of limited liquidity, or high market volatility, especially at times when important economic data are due to be released. However, One Asia Capital’s low latency and faster execution times on our MT4 platform reduces instances of slippage.

8. Do you guarantee orders?

One Asia Capital is unable to guarantee orders due to the fact that under certain trading conditions, including but not limited to situations of high market volatility, or illiquidity, it may be impossible for One Asia Capital to execute pending orders at the declared price. Under such conditions One Asia Capital reserves the right to modify opening and/or closing prices and to provide the next best price. As a result stop-loss order placement will not necessarily limit your losses because market conditions may make it impossible to execute these orders at the stipulated price.

9. Are my personal details secure with you?

One Asia Capital takes a number of precautionary measures to ensure that the personal details you supply us with are held in absolute confidence and are securely stored so as not to be accessible by unauthorised persons. Your passwords are encrypted and even our own personnel do not have access to them, your details are stored on secure servers and are not accessible by anybody other than a small number of authorised members of staff.

10. What is the Agency Model?

The Agency Model is a business model in Forex brokering whereby brokers do not interfere with clients’ trades by ‘making market’ on them, instead they pass their orders straight through to liquidity providers. The conflict of interests that arises in the Market Maker model is not present in the Agency Model as the interests of both parties are aligned. Brokers who employ this model can also offer better trade execution times due to the lack of an intervening dealing desk.

11. How does One Asia Capital make its profits?

One Asia Capital profits from the volume traded by its clients, rather than from their losses. Our profits come from commission charged to traders and a small mark-up on the spread offered to our MT4 clients. In this way our interests have become aligned with those of our clients.

12. Are you a Market Maker?

No. One Asia Capital has adopted the Agency Model of FX brokering in which the company acts as an intermediary between traders and liquidity providers. Orders are routed straight through our servers and anonymously passed on to our principle in New Zealand (CMI – Capital Market Investments Limited) and then passed on to the interbank networks.

13. What are the advantages of trading with One Asia Capital?

When you sign up with us you are placing your trust in an industry-leading brokerage that has gone to great lengths to align its interests with those of it clients. One Asia Capital is a 100% Agency Model Forex brokerage, which means that we do not act as a Market Maker. This ensures that our clients’ trades are passed straight through to liquidity providers, anonymously, with as little latency as possible, and most importantly with no intervention from a Dealing Desk. One Asia Capital profits from the volume traded by its clients, this means that it is in our interests supply all of our clients with the tools they need to become successful/professional traders and to maintain a positive profit and loss ratio.

14. Is CMI (Capital Market Investments Limited) regulated?

CMI is registered with Ministry of Business (New Zealand) under company number: 3693175 and New Zealand Business number: 9429030839571. CMI is also regulated with Financial Services Provider (FSP) in New Zealand under licence number: FSP284605 and it is a member of Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) in New Zealand.